Nutritional Consultation

Nutritional Consultation

Nutritionists have a healthy regard for food and its life-sustaining properties. They are primarily concerned with the prevention and treatment of illnesses through proper dietary care. Dr. Butler’s job as a Nutritionist is to evaluate the diets of patients and clients suffering from medical disorders and suggest ways of fighting various health problems by modifying the patient’s intake of certain food items. Persons who are interested in a consultation need not be ill. You can be a person trying to eat better, or find frequent ailments associated with a particular type of food you consume, like fatigue or headaches. As our society grows more conscious of allergies, and toxins, it is a great help to be evaluated nutritionally, and learn from a consultation with Dr. Butler.

Hypertension, diabetes, and obesity are some of the common health problems that nutritionists work to alleviate. Through education and research, they also promote sensible eating habits resulting in good health. Dr. Butler’s primary goal is to change poor eating habits of her clients, and make adjustments through one on one education that result in lasting health conscious habits, essentially improving a person’s quality of life through nutrition.

The concept behind this program is to retrain your body to burn fat instead of empty calories and carbohydrates. It also gives the liver a break since you will be eating no processed foods. Consider a complete detox program to download the poisons built up over the years. You will find your health will return much faster. Many chronic unresolved conditions can often be resolved with a complete detox.


• Initial: $80
• Follow up: $50